English Language Arts Lesson - Suffix –ed, Kindergarten

  • Activity 1 / Suffixes in the Forest Worksheet


    Suffixes are letters that are added on to the end of words to make new words. Sometimes suffixes are used to show one who does something (like one who reads is a reader) and sometimes suffixes are used to show that there is more than one thing. This typically involves adding an -s, and this colorful worksheet will let your child practice suffixes that pluralize basic words they're familiar with. They'll look at each word and then circle the plural words that have the suffix -s at the end of them.

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  • Activity 2 / Yesterday's Park Fun Worksheet


    Suffixes are letters that we add to the end of words that make new words. Typically, when we add -ed to the end of words, it makes the word we created a word that happened in the past. This free PDF will give your child practice seeing how basic words like walk, pull, jump and smile can be turned into things that happened in the past with the quick and easy addition of the -ed suffix. They'll circle all the words that could have happened yesterday and learn about past tense too.

    Download Worksheet Complete online

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