Suffixes - Lesson for Grade 1, Chapter - Determine or Clarify the Meaning of Unknown Words

In the "Suffixes" lesson, part of the "Determine or Clarify the Meaning of Unknown Words" chapter in our Vocabulary unit, first-grade students embark on an engaging journey to explore and understand the world of suffixes. Through activities such as the "Words With Suffixes Worksheet" and various interactive exercises centered around suffixes, students will learn how these critical components of English grammar can alter the meaning of base words.

By delving into suffixes, students grasp how these endings can transform a verb into an adjective, a noun into an adverb, and so forth, thereby expanding their vocabulary and enhancing their reading comprehension skills. This foundational knowledge is paramount as it not only aids in decoding new words but also empowers students to play with language, enabling them to express themselves more accurately and creatively. Understanding suffixes also lays down a crucial building block for future language learning, reading comprehension, and writing ability.

Through this lesson, students will gain the confidence to tackle unfamiliar words, enrich their vocabulary, and appreciate the nuances of the English language, all of which are essential skills for academic success and effective communication.

Estimated classroom time: 7 min
Chapter: Determine or Clarify the Meaning of Unknown Words
Unit: Vocabulary
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3:00 min
Reading: Words With Suffixes Worksheet
Reading: Words With Suffixes Worksheet
4:00 min
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  • Activity 1 / Reading: Words With Suffixes Worksheet

    Read each word on this worksheet and choose the words that have a suffix!  Because suffixes change the meaning of a word, good readers must know what suffixes are and be able to identify them.  Knowledge of suffixes leads to better comprehension and reading fluency. Give your students the practice they need and save this worksheet for use in your reading and vocabulary classes.

  • Activity 2 / Suffixes - Quiz

    In this assessment, students will identify suffixes, pair suffixes with root words, and explain how adding suffixes impact the meaning of words.