Arts Lesson - Thanksgiving, Preschool

  • Activity 1 / Native American Girl Thanksgiving Day Worksheet


    In American history, Thanksgiving will always be remembered as a time when the pilgrims and Native Americans finally came together to celebrate a new peace between the two groups. For our children, this is the first lesson many kids learn in school that celebrates diversity and peace. Why not use this delightful coloring page to reinforce these ideals of peace and acceptance with your child on this Thanksgiving Day?
    Talk to your child about the rich history behind the holiday and encourage him or her to practice peace, love, and acceptance in their everyday lives. Let your child hang this picture to decorate the house and serve as a reminder of the history behind the big day. Print this coloring page to spread the love and warmth of the holiday.

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  • Activity 2 / Turkey Thanksgiving Day Worksheet


    Do you need to keep your child busy and entertained while you’re tending to the turkey this Thanksgiving? Perhaps you need to steal a moment away from your kids to test the gravy? Keep your little pilgrim occupied with this mouth-watering coloring page which features an adorable turkey offering up a tasty treat. This enticing coloring page will excite your child while they await the big feast.
    Extend your child’s thinking by encouraging them to use colors often attributed to fall and Thanksgiving. Help them to select colors that display the warmth of the season. You can even encourage your child to color in the car as you travel to your family’s gathering. Take advantage of this versatile coloring page and keep your little one busy and excited!
    Check out other coloring pages to excite your kids with holidays charm!

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  • Activity 3 / Pilgrim Boy Printable


    Thanksgiving is here, and why not get your child ready for the big day with charmingly fun Thanksgiving coloring pages? Thanksgiving officially kicks off the holiday season for many families, and is a magical time of giving thanks for family, blessings, and much more. Encourage the spirit of the season with this adorable coloring page that will remind your little artist the original meaning of Thanksgiving. Talk to your child about the pilgrims coming together to celebrate the bounty of the season, and being thankful for all that they have.
    Remind them of the history behind our great holiday, to inspire them to be thankful for all that they have in their life. Let your little pilgrim use his or her coloring page to decorate the house and remind him or her of the reason for this humble holiday.

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