Foundational Reading Lesson - The EE, EA, AY Vowel Pair, Grade 1

  • Activity 1 / Is It EE, EA, or AY? Worksheet


    When the letters ‘ee’ are found in a word, they usually make the long /e/ sound, such as in the word ‘sheep’. Give your kids some more examples of ‘ee’ words. Also, the letters ‘ea’ can also make the long /e/ sound. For example, the word ‘beach’ and ‘seat’. The letters ‘ay’ when found in words, also makes the /a/ sound. For example, the words ‘clay’ and ‘play’. Now, look through this colourful worksheet with your kids. Help them check the words that have the long /e/ sound, as found in the word ‘sheep’.

    Download Worksheet Complete online
  • Activity 2 / Long Vowel E Printable


    Long vowels can be confusing for kids because the same vowel can be spelled in a variety of ways! Help your child learn the spellings most commonly associated with the long vowel E with this colorful long vowel E printable worksheet!
    While working on this worksheet, your child will: 
    • Learn different spellings that make up the long vowel E
    • Sound out each word to determine which words use the long vowel
    • Notice that other words with similar spellings might not sound the same
    With so many letter and sound combinations, learning to read and spell is hard for kids! Your child will master spelling with long vowel E in no time after completing this worksheet!

    Download Worksheet Complete online

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