World around Us Lesson - The Four Seasons, Preschool

  • Activity 1 / The Four Seasons Worksheet

    In this worksheet, tell your little ones that they must circle only those things that remind them of that particular time of the year. The picture of a tree contains four squares; one for each season. In each season square are things that are often synonymous with these seasons. Some of these things match the squares they are put in, and others do not. Ask your child if some of the things in each season’s square are out of place. Then, help them circle only the things that truly remind them of that season.

  • Activity 2 / Summer and Winter Worksheet

    What are the things and colors that your child associates the winter and summer seasons with? Ask them to name a few things that they look forward to doing in the winter, and what colors they see the most. Then, ask them to tell you what they love doing during the summer season. Next, help your kids color in the pictures of summer and winter seasons in this worksheet. Help them pick out the colors they will use in this coloring sheet to see what the summer and winter seasons look like.

  • Activity 3 / Spring and Fall Worksheet

    This coloring sheet will be loads of fun for your kids. After all, there is coloring involved, plus fun animals and shapes. Does your kid know what happens in the fall and spring? Can they tell you some of the things they see happen, and the colors more popular in these season? First, ask your kids if they can tell you the things that are pictured in this worksheet. Then, ask them to color in the pictures to see what the spring and fall look like. Help your kids pick the appropriate color for each season.

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