World around Us Lesson - The Park and Playground, Preschool

  • Activity 1 / Picnic Time Coloring Page


    There’s nothing  better to bring to a picnic than juicy fruits and veggies! This printable coloring page: Picnic Time will make your child’s mouth water for an afternoon picnic while coloring healthy foods.
    During coloring, be sure to talk about the different types of fruits and veggies they see!

    Download Worksheet
  • Activity 2 / Playground Worksheet


    From slides to swings, and monkey bars to merry-go-rounds, all kids love the playground! So let’s go to the park with this adorable playground sorting worksheet, meant to make your little learner think and work those ever-important problem solving skills! 
    This worksheet is designed to: 
    • Help strengthen sorting skills
    • Encourage thinking and cognitive skills
    • Sharpen problem solving skills
    Keep your early learner engaged and learning with this fun-filled playground worksheet. When finished, head out to the park and see which of these items your child can find in your local playground!

    Download Worksheet Complete online
  • Activity 3 / Picnic Basket Sorting Worksheet


    This kindergarten sorting worksheet is the perfect worksheet for spring! Help your child to imagine a fun and tasty springtime picnic in order to find all of the objects that might be included in his or her picnic basket. 
    With this worksheet, expect your child to: 
    • Sort through everyday objects to find the right supplies for the picnic;
    • Rule out any object that wouldn’t likely be needed in the basket.
    Don’t be afraid to extend your child’s learning! After your child completes the worksheet, use it to plan a real or pretend picnic. 
    Help your child to plan the event, and use this worksheet as the catalyst for that discussion. Your child will love planning a picnic, and will realize the connection between the worksheet and real life. 
    Print out the other worksheet to sharpen sorting and classifying skills in an engaging way!

    Download Worksheet Complete online

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