Foundational Reading Lesson - Use the Illustrations and Details in a Text to Describe its Key Ideas, Grade 1

  • Activity 1 / Check Memory Worksheet


    Helping your kids with their assignments and using worksheets to help them learn is actually one of the surest ways they can retain information. The colorful pictures in this printout will help stimulate your child’s brain and encourage them to learn. Read the sentences in this worksheet and point at the pictures beside each sentence. Then, help them check True or False for each sentence. If your child is still confused, use the picture clues to clear them up more.

    Download Worksheet Complete online
  • Activity 2 / True or False: Turtles Worksheet


    Recall what you know about turtles, are the facts on this adorable worksheet legit? Sharpen your child’s reading comprehension skills by printing this free downloadable page, perfect for early learners! Simply assist learners to read each sentence and look at the pictures to recall the facts they have already learned about turtles from prior knowledge or previous worksheets. Then, check the correct box, either true or false for each statement!

    Download Worksheet Complete online

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