Logic Game Sorting Worksheet

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It’s so imperative that kids begin developing logic and reasoning skills from a very early age. Here is an adorable matching worksheet for toddlers that will help your little one to match items to its intended purpose.
What’s more is that this worksheet can extend your child’s reasoning and cognitive skills through a simple conversation about each object and they’re used in life. We find that learning that is relevant sticks, and your child will apply his or her knowledge to solve other more advanced tasks in the future! 
This fun-filled logic game will help your child to:
• Practice problem solving skills;
• Strengthen logic and reasoning skills;
• Sharpen classification and matching skills.
Through this worksheet your child will:
Think about the purpose behind each item, to determine how each can be used in real life. Talk to your child about each object and see if he or she can categorize them into a specific purpose, like gardening, or cooking.
• Employ problem-solving skills to eliminate the incorrect item. Help your child to determine the items that go together, and eliminating the one that is out of place.
• Think about how to categorize the incorrect item in real life. Talk with your toddler to help them discover the category that the object would fit in.
We know that your little one will love the bright images and cute pictures on this matching worksheet for toddlers. Not only will your child build a strong foundation for logic skills, but they will have fun completing it! 
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Required skills:
Students should know how to match items to their intended purpose, determine the correct category for an object and eliminate the incorrect item.