The New Teacher Worksheet - Answers and Completion Rate

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Tasks in the Worksheet:
Read the story. Circle the correct picture below. Rosa and Miguel were in the same class this year. Rosa always felt a little nervous on the first day. This year, she was even more nervous. They had a brand new teacher. Miguel loved meeting new people. Rosa was shy. As they walked into their classroom, Rosa felt her heart pounding. Miguel walked right to the front of the room. Rosa stayed behind him. There stood a tall, slender woman with long brown hair. Hello, I'm Miguel, he said. The teacher smiled. Well, hello to you, too. Miguel tugged on Rosa's arm and pulled her forward. This is Rosa. She is quiet, Miguel explained. Welcome to both of you. I am Miss Sanders. I am happy to see you, the teacher said in a kind voice. Rosa began to smile. How does Rosa feel in the beginning of the story?
The New Teacher Worksheet Answer Key
The New Teacher Worksheet
The New Teacher Worksheet Learning Value
The basic learning value of this worksheet is to develop and assess students' reading comprehension and critical thinking skills. It also helps students to be aware of and empathize with others' emotions and feelings.