Vehicles Learning Worksheet

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Beep, beep! Kids love cars, trucks, planes and boats. Here’s a preschool matching game worksheet your future driver will love! Help your child as they match the vehicle to the right worker. 
Through this worksheet your child will: 
• Make connections between vehicles and the drivers that use them in real life;
• Learn about and increase knowledge about people and the jobs they complete;
• Practice problem-solving skills;
• Strengthen logical reasoning skills.
This worksheet can jumpstart a wonderful conversation about careers and the jobs that people do. Your kids will love talking about the different vehicles and workers, while sharpening thinking and problem-solving skills. And don’t be surprised if they start asking to play with more cars and trucks!
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Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students will need to match the right vehicles to the workers who use them. They should also be able to understand the connection between different types of vehicles and the jobs they are used for in real life. Additionally, students will need to have basic problem-solving and logical reasoning skills.