Birthday Word Problems

Solving word problems is a critical math skill. When students figure out a word problem, they use critical thinking skills, access descriptive language and prove they can solve a math problem presented in a text rather than a mathematical equation.

In this video, the Kids Academy teacher carefully explains the steps to use when working with word problems for kids.  Students learn to first read, the word problem, then go back and reread the problem and underline or highlight important information that is used to solve the problem. Also, the teacher shows the students how to look for keywords or phrases such as “total” and “are left” that indicate what operation they will do to solve the problem. The video then draws out the problem with tally marks and uses the counting on or counting back method to complete the operation.

Using this video in your math classroom helps clear up any confusion students have when solving word problems. Clear instruction and demonstration from the video teacher make this a valuable resource for teaching math.