Congruent Shapes

Increase your students’ understanding of congruent shapes with this instructional video. Kids Academy and teacher Mike explain and define congruent shapes and then teacher Mike works to complete a worksheet exercise that illustrates this math skill.

In the video, the teacher tells students clearly that congruent means equal. When referring to shapes, congruent shapes are equal in size, shape, number of sides and angles. The video emphasizes that congruent doesn’t mean the same color.

The teacher then guides students to counting the sides of each shape on the worksheet and naming each shape.  The teacher also notes that sometimes students need to picture the shape turned to verify that one shape is congruent with another. In other words, can a shape be flipped or slid on top of another shape to show it is exactly the same?

Concise explanations and great visual instruction of the math concept makes this video a valuable resource to use in the classroom.