Balancing Addition Equations

In this video, students practice the addition strategy of making friendly numbers. The teacher clearly explains that turning numbers “friendly” can make adding larger numerals much easier.

A friendly number is a number that ends in zero or five. These numbers are easier to add.  The worksheet example provided in the video shows an equation and one of the additives is made more friendly by adding or subtracting an amount to make the number in the ones place end with a zero.  The teacher explains that if you take away an amount from additive then the amount you take away will be added to the other additive. Likewise, if you add an amount to an additive to make it friendly you will subtract that amount from the other additive in the equation.

The teacher uses a whiteboard to explain each step clearly and carefully and the video shows several examples of making friendly numbers and finding the missing additive to balance the equation.  Incorporate this video into your math classes to teach, reteach or add enrichment to your math instruction.