Calculating Perimeter

In geometry, teachers define perimeter as the distance around a shape. To find the perimeter, add the length of each side together.  This math video quickly explains what perimeter is and shows students how to calculate the perimeter in four examples.

The video teacher tells students that the perimeter of a shape is found by adding the length of all the sides of the shape. It does not matter if the shape has three, four, five or even a hundred sides! The perimeter is calculated the same way. In the examples given, the students and teacher find the perimeter of squares, rectangles and a triangle. The teacher explains to viewers that adding the sides together is easier if you add doubles or make a 10 with the lengths.  Adding double first and making numbers “friendly” aids students in making more accurate calculations.

Incorporate this video from Kids Academy into your math classes. The instruction will reinforce, reteach or enrich learning about finding the perimeter of a shape.

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