Perimeter Word Problems

Learn to find the perimeter of shape with this video that teaches students how to find the perimeter of a Valentine card that is described in a word problem.

This video illustrates a real-world example of using perimeter to find the solution of a problem.  Students calculate how much glitter tape or ribbon to glue around the edge of Valentine cards. Using real-world scenarios that students may encounter themselves shows students that math is all around them and that they can apply this math concept to their everyday lives.

The teacher reads the word problems on the worksheet and then explains to the students how to find the perimeter of each card. To find the perimeter of the cards, students add the length of each side of the card. On the worksheet, the measurement of two sides of each card is shown and the teacher explains how to find the length of the other two sides. The teacher totals the lengths of the sides and that is the perimeter of the cards.

Reinforce learning of how to find perimeter in your classroom with this video.