Bug Math: Multiplication and Division

This video from Kids Academy instructs students on solving for an unknown number in multiplication and division problems. Examples given in this video are in the same fact family.

The video teacher effectively shows the step-by-step process of solving for an unknown number by using a fact family triangle as well as skip counting. The worksheet uses counters in the form of pictures of colorful bugs. The counters give the student additional support when working the problem. The teacher demonstrates that when multiplying, you are joining groups. For example: what is the total number of bugs in four groups of bugs with seven bugs in each group? The answer is 28.  Likewise, when dividing, the teacher explains that the goal is to see how many groups of seven bugs are in the total group of 28. The answer is four.  The student easily sees how multiplication and division are related.

The video is a great resource that helps clear up any confusion when solving for unknown numbers.

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