Sight Words: hold, bring, carry, brother

Early readers often struggle with learning sight words. Reading phonetically is very effective but this strategy doesn’t work with all words. Sight words are words which have spellings that do not follow phonics rules. So, the best way to learn to read sight words is to memorize them.  Children who read sight words easily have higher fluency scores and better comprehension.

In the video the teacher explains and defines sight words. She makes a good point to the students that if you try to sound out sight words, the word will not make sense.  On the worksheet, she explains that the students read the sentences and then choose the correct word to complete the sentence. One answer choice is a sight word. The other two choices are spelled in a similar way but do not make sense. The teacher carefully guides the students through the worksheet and chooses the correct answers. She encourages the students to “air write” the correct answer to help commit the sight word to memory.

Practice sight words with this video and exercise today!