Addition Worksheet: Balancing equations | 2nd Grade Math Worksheets | Kids Academy

Balancing Addition Equations. Math worksheets for 2nd Grade.

When kids have left the classroom, they aren’t done with learning for the day. Once at home, kids everywhere sit down in the evening to complete their homework. But how do you help a child with math homework when the teacher isn’t around?

If your child is struggling, or just needs extra practice, our 2nd grade math worksheets are here to the rescue, complete with this engaging teacher-led video to walk your child through the entire process!

The perfect complement for our worksheet, “Rainbow Math: Balancing Equations”, this easy-to-understand tutorial is great because:

• An experienced teacher will lead your child through every step

• The teacher is shown in the video, giving it an interactive, more personalized feel

• The strategies used to solve the problems use visual techniques to give your child a deeper understanding

Kids learn math differently than we did years ago. Offer your child quality instruction outside of school with Kids Academy video tutorials!