Chess Episode 4:Secrets of the Chessboard

In this video, students learn more about the game of chess and study the chessboard closely.

The animated chess instructor explains to the children about the chess pieces. The pieces are actually symbols. The crowns represent the King and Queen, the horse represents the Knight, and the castle represents the Rook.

The chess board itself has sixty-four light and dark squares. Students learn that a chess board cannot have any more or any less squares. On the board there are routes that pieces move called Ranks, and Files.  Ranks are the horizontal, or side to side, rows and the Files are rows that are up and down, or vertical.

The video then shows the students that across the bottom and top of the chess board the squares have a letter, and up the sides of the chess board, each row has a number. With these letters and numbers, each square is named.

The video closes with the students looking forward to learning more about the way the letters and numbers are used for recording and knowing the position of each piece. Tune in for the next lesson!

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