Chess Episode 5: Place of Power

The learning continues in this next lesson of the Kids Academy chess course.

Our students learn that the letters and numbers used to name pieces allows player to know and record the location of each piece. This is important in tournament play. Recording all moves and captures allows chess players to study and learn from their games.  The children practice naming several positions of pieces on the board.

The video then carefully explains why the center of the board is the place of power. From the squares, D5, D4, E5 and E4, pieces move and can capture many pieces. For example, if the Queen is in the center of the board, she can control 27 squares! When playing chess, it is best to move your pieces to control the center as soon as possible.

The fun animation of this video brings chess play to life and the instruction is easy to understand.  Grow in your knowledge of chess with this video.