Chess: Notation of Moves and Captures

Learning chess notation is an important part of the game. When playing in a tournament, one must know how to record each move as the game is played.  This allows for any discrepancy to be checked as well as providing each player a way to review each game to look for ways to improve.

The video details how expanded notation consists of a shorthand name for each piece and then the name of each square.  The shorthand names of the pieces are:

• K- King

• Q- Queen

• R- Rook

• B- Bishop

• N- Knight

• The pawn has no shorthand abbreviation.

The video teacher demonstrates how to determine the name of a square as well by using the grid on the board. The grid has letters across the bottom and numbers going up the sides.

The teacher shows the learner several examples of expanded notation that includes the moving a piece from one square to another and how to write the notation of when a piece moves and captures another piece.

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