Chess: Fighting for the King

Students learn more about the origins of the game of chess, how the chessboard is configured, as well as an introduction to some of the chess pieces.

The game of chess is actually a battle between two armies. Both sides have the same number of pieces and the object of the game is to capture the opposing sides king.  Students learn that each piece can only move according to the rules assigned to the piece. For example, the King can move in any direction but only one space.  However, the Queen is the most powerful piece and can move any number of spaces in any direction. The video instructs viewers that if a pawn moves to the other side of the board, then it can become any piece except the King. Students learn that the words “chess” and “check” refer to the King and that there are more pawns than any other piece.

This video is sure to excite young chess players as they watch and learn about the fundamentals of chess.