Chess Etiquette

Learning all about chess continues with this video that explains chess etiquette.  The video teacher defines chess as the “polite and respectful way to act at the chess board.” While chess etiquette is required in tournament play, it is a good idea to use these guidelines whenever chess is played.

The teacher explains basic chess etiquette as follows:

•  Begin the chess match with a handshake. It is also acceptable to tell your opponent “good luck.”

•  Chess is a thinking game, so it is important not to do anything distracting during the match. This includes talking, chewing gum loudly, clicking a pen, tapping the table, etc.

•  The player with the white pieces moves first.

•  End the game with a handshake.

The video teacher also explains what “touch move” and “touch take” mean and how players need to follow these rules.  “Touch move” means if a player touches a piece to move it, then they must move that piece even if they realize they would rather move another piece. “Touch take” means if you touch another player's piece on purpose, then you have to take that piece.

Following basic etiquette guidelines ensures that the both players are respectful and the game is more enjoyable.