Chess: How Rook Moves and Captures

It is one of the fastest pieces on chess. It is also very powerful and can be very good soldiers of your team. Let’s see how rook moves and captures and make it easy chess for kids.

How does it move?

A rook can go up, down, sideways to the left and sideways to the right. It makes a + sign of their path. They can move along the rank one step or all the way across the board. It is the choice of rook how many steps it wants to move. It can move a total of 14 squares on the board.

How it captures?

Any piece that comes in the path of the rook is captured by the rook. However, if the piece is being protected by another piece, the rook cannot jump over this protecting piece to capture the target. Rooks cannot jump over. Only knights can do that. Rooks are faster and more important pieces than pawns, so it is valuable to keep your pawns safe.

Rooks are very strong, and they can keep your king defended. If played well the rooks can win the game for you. Since they can have multiple paths to reach the target having a good chess strategy is very important otherwise you might be caught off-guard and might lose some pieces.

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