Chess: Starting Positions on the Board

To learn to play chess you must know about the starting positions of the chess board. There is a light colored in the right-hand corner of the board. In the starting positions on board one player has the ranks 1 and 2 closest to them, while the other player has the ranks 7 and 88 closest to them. Both armies will be facing each other.

Pawns are the shield of the while army, they are in front of the army meaning in the second row. The rooks are on the corners of ranks. Queens start on D8 and D1 for both armies. Kings are placed next to the queen on E8 and E1. Bishops are on the sides of king and queen meaning on C8, F8 and C1, F1. In the end, come the knights, placed on B8, G8 and B1, G1. This is a basic lesson of chess for beginners to learn positions of pieces on chess board.