Tricky Numbers: Counting

In this math video, students learn what a number line is, how number lines can be used to solve addition and subtraction problems and work to fill in missing numbers on three number lines on a worksheet.

The video teacher explains that a number line is simply a line that has numbers that are marked at intervals. She shows the viewers a simple number line with the numbers zero to ten.  The teacher then demonstrates how the number line is used to solve simple addition and subtraction problems. She emphasizes that the number line is a valuable math tool.

For the worksheet task, the teacher shows the students how to count forward on the number line and find the missing number on each number line.  The number lines begin at 90, 100, and 110, so prior knowledge of counting numbers past 100 is needed.

This worksheet video gives students basic practice in completing number lines and prepares students to use number lines for more advanced problems.