Associative Property Practice

The associative property of addition is a rule of basic math operation. This rule states that you can add numbers in any order and the total will remain the same. This video teaches students this math operation.

The video shows the teacher adding the numbers in the problem: 5+7+5.  The teacher explains that the easiest way to solve this problem is to add 5+5 and then add 7.  Adding the two doubles makes the “friendly” number 10 and then 7 is easily added to 10 to find the solution. But you can still add 5+7 and then add the other 5 if desired. This demonstrates the associative property.

On the worksheet, the students add a number sentence with three numbers to find the total. The teacher solves the problem by adding the numbers in two different ways. Then the task is to find other equations that have a total that equals the total of the first problem.

This video instructs students about the associative property of addition and provides more addition fact practice.

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