Bubble Matching Fun

Ask your students if learning place value is confusing. Many students say yes! Understanding place value is important because students need to know what the numerals in a number represent to understand the quantity of the number.

This worksheet video carefully explains beginner place value concepts of ones and tens to young learners. In the video the teacher shows students, using a place value chart as well as cube counters, what numbers in the ones and tens place mean. For example, the number seventeen has the number seven in the ones place and the number one in the tens place. The number seven means the actual number seven and it is represented with seven cube counters. The number one, however, means 1 group of ten.

The teacher then works through the worksheet.  The task is to connect bubbles that represent the same number. For each problem, the teacher uses the place value chart and counters to find the answer. Practice identifying numbers in the ones and tens place with this video exercise and clear up any confusion on place value.