Match and Solve: Butterflies Problem

Teacher Mike gives great instruction and tips on solving word problems in this math video.

Teacher Mike explains to students that the worksheet task is to match a word problem to a picture and then match the picture to an equation. To do this, he reminds the students how to solve a word problem.

1.     Read the word problem all the way through.

2.     Go back and re-read the word problem and underline key words that give clues to solving the problem.

3.     Use the underlined key words to solve the problem.

The teacher uses this procedure and writes down the problem on the white board and then notes that the key words “more” and “altogether” are used in the word problem. These words indicate that the math operation is going to be addition. From there, students can complete the worksheet by counting the butterflies and choosing the correct equation.

Don’t let your students be intimidated by word problems. Learn and have fun with this worksheet and improve your students’ understanding of math problems that are written in text and not in number sentences.