Party Problems

Solving word problems are a very important lesson and a basic concept for kids. It is important for the kids to learn it because this becomes very important in later studies.

Now to understand the world problems you need to use the child’s imagination.

As a beginner lesson, we will only start with the basics. We will match the world problems with pictures according to the description in the world problem. As the kid reads the world problem he will match the information with the pictures.

For example, if the world problem says that there are 10 apples and 2 oranges, the kid will match the first part of the problem with 10 apples and the second part with 2 oranges. Then, of course, they will match the answer for example if it’s a multiplication word problem for kids the answer to this word problem would be 20.

The world problems help the kid to have a better understanding of words and are better able to make logical sense out of words. More and more practice will make this concept easier and clearer.

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