Inches, Feet and Yards

If there is a distance, we find the length of it. We want to know how far a thing is or what’s the length of it. Now length can be measured in three different terms, which are inches, feet, and yard. So, what are these inches, feet, and yards?

These are simply the terms in which we define the length of something. All of them are interrelated with each other. These terms can be defined in terms of each other.

To put it simply, 12 inches=1 foot and 1 yard= 3 feet. Inch is the smallest term. An inch can be measured in terms of centimeters but that is another term to learn. Simply speaking the distance between your thumb to your knuckle is about 1 inch. The bottle cap is also about 1 inch. So, inch is a very small unit.

These terms help to measure the length and distances. These are very basic measuring terms that the kid must know about in their initial maths lessons.