Sorting and Counting Objects

Sorting and counting are one of the most basic and most important lessons of kindergarten academics. It is important that kids have a sound understanding of objects and where do they belong.

The kid’s minds are empty when they come into this world, so eventually, they will start sorting things out on their own, but it is the responsibility of teachers and parents that they make sure that the kids have named these categories right.

So how can you help the kid with sorting and counting lessons? Let me explain it to you in some simple words and some easy steps.

1. Sorting based on color

This is the easiest kind of sorting that you can teach to kid and this is the fastest kind that the kid can understand. Colors fascinate kids and they can easily differentiate between colors. All you need to do is to help the kid put names on these colors. And they can easily put the same colored objects in one group.

2. Sorting based on size

Size is another very easy feature that the kid can differentiate between. So just collect a few objects of different sizes and ask the kid to put objects of the same size in one group. The kid might take some time and may make some mistakes in the beginning however he/she will eventually get the concept.

3. Sorting based on the shape

Start with circle, square and triangle. These are the most common shapes. Having a prior understanding of shapes will help the kid in school to have a head start on the shapes chapter. All you need to do is to collect some of the common objects from your house, and then help your kid sort them according to their shape. As he sorts tell the name of the shape so that the kid can put names on the categories.

As the kid has sorted the objects do a little counting lesson of the number of object in each group of objects. So, in this way you can teach two lessons to the kid in one lecture.