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Learn Numbers | Number Zero | How to teach number 0 | Is zero a number?

Let’s get down to math and start with Number Zero Video by Kids Academy. Is it not that easy to learn number ‘Zero’ and it takes time and effort to explain the concept to young learners. Educators at Kids Academy suggest learning numbers with the help of everyday objects and notions clear to kids. All you have to do is let your kids watch the video and ask them how many snowflakes we have got left after the sun has melted them all down or how many raindrops there are in the air when the rain is over. ‘Zero!’ will be the happy loud shout from the crowd. Isn’t it what you are aiming at? Nothing else can be more inspiring and fruitful then learning kids aged five and under with Kids Academy as we offer only best educational materials for your precious ones! For more exciting and entertaining videos and hands-on printable activities for go to