Learning Numbers and Basic Shapes | Skip Counting by 2s & 10s | Learning Videos for Toddlers

Meet a new preschool learning video for kids aged 5 and under. We’ve created a compilation of useful video materials for preschool learning. A charming puppy called Toby asks toddlers to help him in various everyday situations involving little kids in the world of learning.

The first episode of the newly released learning video for toddlers concentrates on the basic skills: the ability to correlate numbers from 1 to 5 to the quantity of the objects that they refer to. Kids count apples and Toby writes the numbers on the boxes. This activity build confidence at the very early stages of education.

Boys as well as girls love constructing different kinds of houses with a toy crane. This is where basic shapes come in: a square, a rectangle, a triangle, a circle, and a rhombus. Can your little ones construct a house with the help of 5 basic shapes?

Toby needs help again. He needs to put 2 cars into 5 garages. Let’s learn how to count from 1 to 10 by twos! This exciting video will teach your little learners to count by 2s in no time.

Learning how to count by tens can also be based on everyday life activities: Toby the dog can’t fall asleep and decides to count sheep. Is there anyone who hasn’t tried this method? The trick is that sheep come in groups of ten, so Toby counts the sheep by tens.

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