Numbers 1–5: Video 3

Practice counting quantities and identifying numbers to 5 with this fun, animated video.

In this video, Toby the dog is counting apples in boxes. Toby is in the apple barn and has to count the number apples in a box and then write that number below the box. The box appears and the viewer is given the opportunity to count the number of apples. Toby then writes the number at the bottom of the box. The next box has two apples, the next has three and so on. At the end of the video, Toby reviews the numbers once more.

After watching the video, a great game can be played to practice counting quantities. Simply find a box and put any quantity of objects inside. Let students count the objects and record the number. Finally, let the students put something in the box and parents and teachers count.

Have fun counting quantities and identifying numbers with this entertaining and educational activity.