Match Exactly the Same

One of the most important lessons that the kids learn in school is the lesson of recognition of similar things and having a sense of figuring out which two things are the same. It starts from the very basic level as to matching same objects, similar alphabets, similar pictures etc. this helps in forming a basic understanding of matching the exact same things with each other.

Now you need to make this lesson fun and interesting for kids otherwise they will lose their interest in it and when the kids lose their interest in something their learning level becomes very low. Let me walk you through some of the basic things that you can do to make the sorting games easy for the kid.

For this lesson to work you will need a pair of each object that you are using.

1. Match the same colors

The very first thing that you can do is to match the same colors. Colors are the easiest to recognize and also very fascinating to kids. Use the colors that the kid likes so that he maintains interest in this game. As the kid sorts, you can also tell the name of colors so that the kid learns some names as well.

2. Match the same objects

Two same objects should be matched with each other. You can also do this on a book by matching similar pictures of an object or also matching the same alphabets can become a very good

English lesson for the kid.

3. Match the same size Objects or pictures of similar size should be put in one group. Size is also an easy feature to differentiate and recognize. Start with two sizes, big and small. These are the two categories that the kid can easily sort in.

Start with easier and smaller objects. Use things that the kid enjoys working or playing with to maintain the interest of the child in this logical game for kids.