Rapunzel Animated Bedtime Story | Fairy Tale in English for Kids - Full Story

Rapunzel is one of the famous fairy tales by the Grimm Brothers. Rapunzel fairy tale was written and published in 1812 and is just two pages long, but it is one of the most loved and favored bed times stories ever. Kids can’t stop listening to the story about a beautiful girl Rapunzel who is locked in a high tower in the woods. A Witch comes to the tower and asks Rapunzel to let her beautiful long fair hair down, so the Witch can climb up and get to her. Rapunzel is a very nice girl but she is very lonely in the tower, so she sings songs not to feel bored. Once a Prince hears Rapunzel singing songs with her sweet voice and sees how the Witch asks the girl to let her golden braids down. He decides to try his luck and asks Rapunzel to let her hair down for him. As soon as the Prince sees the girl he falls in love with her and makes plans to save her. His plan doesn’t work out however, as the Witch finds about it and she sends Rapunzel far into the woods and plans to kill the Prince. The Prince manages to escape but his eyes get wounded and he becomes blind. Luckily, wandering through the woods the Prince hears the sweet voice and recognizes it. The Prince and Rapunzel meet each other and Rapunzel starts crying. Her tears touch Prince’s eyes and he can see again. Your kids are sure to enjoy Rapunzel fairy tale and will be prone to listen to it again and again. The video by Kids Academy is a nice combination of real books reading and cartoon watching. It is a perfect way to listen and follow the pages of the animated book. At some point kids will stars recognizing the words and it helps to develop not only narrative but also reading skills. This fairy tale is also professionally illustrated and kids will definitely enjoy the bright and colorful pictures.