Easter | Song

Teaching holiday songs is not only fun but allows children to experience holidays and traditions that might differ from their own. Students share their own holiday traditions and learn more about each other. A sense of community and togetherness forms as students learn about different ways of celebrating. With the arrival of Spring, Easter is celebrated around the world. For many cultures, Easter is a holiday with great religious significance. And many observe the religious and also modern traditions of this special day. Easter is experienced by families with a variety of activities that include having a special meal, dying eggs, crafts, chocolate bunnies, and an Easter egg hunt! This video has a great Easter Bunny song that children of all ages will enjoy this season. Children enjoy tales of the Easter Bunny, and children young and old enjoy Easter egg hunts. At Kids Academy, our favorite Elephant is having fun this Easter! Eddie the Elephant leaves his house and is ready with a basket to collect eggs. The Easter Bunny song plays cheerfully during the video. Elephant begins his hunt and at first, he only finds a colorful snail shell and a ball. But suddenly, he sees a glimpse of the Easter bunny! Colorful Easter eggs are now hidden in the trees, by the river, and in the grass! Eddie the Elephant finds many eggs! But these aren’t ordinary eggs—these eggs hatch into colorful birds that perform a playful dance and encourage Elephant to sing along! The video ends with a neighborhood parade of children, birds, and elephants- all lead by the Easter Bunny! Add this video into your collection of Easter songs for kids and bring merriment and music to the Easter season.

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