School of Magic: Addition and Subtraction

In this video lesson, students will complete number sentences with the key words “more than” and “less than.”

The video teacher first reads each problem. For example, the number sentence says:

2 more than 4 is…

The teacher writes the sentence and circles the key words: more than. Other number sentences on the worksheet will use the key words: less than.

She then explains one way to solve and find the answer is to use a number line. She draws a number line and explains that since the number sentence uses the words “more than,” then one will count up on the number line to find the answer.

Another strategy the teacher demonstrates is using counters to find the answer. The teacher solves another problem by counting on from 10.

Improve your student’s counting, addition, and subtraction skills by counting up and counting back on number lines. Other strategies include using counters and counting on to improve students’ understanding of the concepts of “more than” and “less than.”

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