Arrays and Equations

If you are reading this article at the moment then chances are that your kid has now reached that stage where you need to start teaching him addition and subtraction but you just don’t know where to begin from. Well, for starters, we do agree with you that teaching your child the rudiments of maths isn’t an easy task, in fact, it’s a very daunting task but on the other hand, it’s something that you can’t avoid too.However, there are things you can do to make the learning process more fun and more entertaining for both, your child and yourself. You see, you should always start from addition and subtraction within 20 because if you directly jump to 50 or 100, your kid will get confused and the learning process will become longer and longer. So, what you should do is that you should first juggle between 1 to 20 and then move forward once your kid grabs the concept of adding and subtracting.