Aircraft Line Plot

A line plot is an excellent type of graph to use to organize data. When using a line plot, the data is displayed as points, checkmarks or an X above the numbers on a number line.  Line plots are great when there aren’t many numbers to chart.

In the video, the teacher measures 6 airplanes with a centimeter ruler. On the whiteboard, he records the data from each measurement. He completes the measurement and then arranges the numbers from smallest to largest. At the bottom of the page, he enters the data on the line plot by tracing an X above the numbers that represent the data collected.

Have fun in your math class with hands-on measuring and line plot activities:

• Each student measures one foot to the nearest inch and records the data on a line plot.

• Students jump from a stationary position and measure the length to the closest foot and records the data.

• Measure the length of a thumb or finger to the nearest centimeter and plot the data on a line plot.