Round Up to the Nearset 100

Time for some math’s lesson. Math’s can be really fun if taught the right way. Make it interesting and easy for the kid, and they will love it.

Rounding off to the nearest number is a very basic lesson in the early standards. It requires a sound understanding of the concept and needs more and more practice to master the technique. So, let’s start with the easy tutorial to make rounding off a piece of cake.

Round off to nearest 100

If you want to round off a number to the nearest 100 you need to look at the number at the tens place to help you decide whether to round up or round down.


1 5 3

Since we are rounding off to the nearest 100 we will look at the number to the right of hundreds which is the tens.

Now 5 is the key number. If it 5 or greater you round up if it is less than 5 that is 4 or lower you round down. When you round to the nearest 100 the numbers in the tens and one's places become zero, so 153 when rounded off to the nearest 100 will become 200.

Similarly, 175 rounds off to 200, 871 to 900 and 963 to 1000.

So, this was simple, you look at the number to the right of hundreds place, which is the tens number, if it higher than 5 rounds up and change the tens and one’s number to zero. And that’s it the number has been rounded off to the nearest 100. These rounding lessons further become helpful in the common core math multiplication and common core math addition. Therefore these concepts must be cleared at this stage.

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