Different Ways to Sort

Kids benefit a lot from having experience of sorting, classifying and comparing objects. These activities make the basics of numeracy skills and mathematics. It is easy to make kindergarten sorting games by using everyday objects. Provide them with opportunities to sort the same group two different ways by shapes, colors, sizes or textures.

What needs to be taught?

1. Kids should know what is meant by ‘categorize’ or ‘sort’.

2. Another important thing to know is how to sort the same group in two different ways.

Example: Take some buttons

First, ask the kids to sort them according to size

Next by colors

Then by the number of holes, etc.

A Game to Focus on One Sorting Characteristic

1. Take two pieces of different colored cards and some items that can be sorted in more than one way, e.g. buttons, keys or plastic toy figures.

2. Place both cards on a table with some space between them.

3. Pick a silver button (if you are using buttons) and put it on the first card saying ‘this button goes on this card’. Next, take a golden button and say: ‘this button can’t go on this card’, and place it on the other card.

4. Repeat the activity with a few buttons than ask the kids to guess the sorting rule.

5. When the kids tell you that you are sorting by color then try to choose a more difficult sorting rule such as the number of holes in the button, to sort the same group in two different ways.

6. Once the children get an idea of sorting the same group in different ways, repeat the game with different rules and different objects to reinforce the concept of sorting.

Keep in mind to teach by using a game or fun activity for preschoolers and kindergarten kids as they tend to be more effective than worksheets.

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