Uppercase Letters: A, B, C

When your kids start education the first thing that they learn is the alphabets. Then they move on to the identification of uppercase and lowercase letters. This is a very important lesson since it forms the basis of all the upcoming lessons. If the child has a sound understanding of identifying each letter both writing and reading becomes very easy for the kid.

Let me help you make this lesson for your kid a little easier by explaining things in easier words.

In every story that the child reads there are uppercase and lowercase letters. These alphabets join to form words and sentences. All letters have an uppercase letter and a lowercase letter.

We use uppercase letters at the beginning of names. For example, Cinderella. The name of a person always starts with an uppercase letter. The beginning of a sentence also starts with an uppercase letter. For example:

She is nice.

You can help the kid learn more by doing practice on a workbook and reading with the kid again and again. Each time you will have to tell the kid that which is the uppercase letter, and which is lowercase until the kid starts identifying on its own.

For example Aa

All the words starting with A will have capital A in the start.

1. Apple

2. Ant

3. Arrow

This learning might take a little more time, but you need to understand the capabilities of the kid and give them the time they require to grasp the concept. Doing it a few more times with kid will help them learn faster. If you know how to read for kindergarten students, only then you can make this lesson easy for the kid.

Make things easier and more interesting for the kids so that they don’t lose interest and learn faster.