Energy and Forces: Review

Review key science terms and concepts with this video.

The video is a quick review of the topics already covered in previous lessons and include:

• Energy - the ability to move or do work

• Force - a push or a pull on an object

• Gravity - an invisible force pulling things toward Earth

• Ramps

These science concepts are challenging to young learners so the video teacher defines each word and shows examples of each.

Improve understanding and do hands-on activities in your classroom in which students participate. Build a ramp and roll different objects down. Which objects go farther and why? Ask your students how ramps help do work. Find all the ways electricity is used in the classroom and at home. Look around the class—what objects can be pushed and pulled? Show students the chemical reaction with baking soda and vinegar. Hands-on activities show children that science makes our world better!

Use this video as a review to reinforce concepts previously taught about forces and energy!

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