Energy and Forces

Science is cool and fun. Its everything you see all day around yourself, outside, inside your room, in your house, science is everywhere. Science is added as a subject at the very early standards. The basics concepts start from here and then they reach the high standards as the standards increase.

At the beginning level, the most basic things that are needed to be taught to the kids are force work and energy. They form the very basics of science and these concepts must be made crystal clear at the beginner level. Let’s start by asking a very simple question. How are we able to move stuff around? The answer is very simple we use energy and force to do all the work that we do.


It is the ability to move or do work.


A force is either a push or a pull on an object. It is the energy that we apply on an object to make it move.

That’s a small tutorial on force and energy for kids. You can also watch some more science videos for kids that will also help in teaching your kid better.