Invisible Energy

In this instructional video, students continue to learn about energy with a focus on wind energy. At the beginning of the video, two children fly a kite. The kite is flying beautifully in the air, but after a time it falls to the ground. Ask your students why that happened.

The teacher reminds students that energy is the ability to move or do work and that wind energy would help the children fly the kite. He explains that there are different kinds of energy, and in this video, he explains that wind energy is invisible. You can’t see wind, but you can see what wind does.

The teacher demonstrates two experiments with wind that parents and teachers can easily replicate in the classroom. Watch the teacher begin the experiment. Pause the video. Ask your students to predict what is going to happen when wind energy is used to move an object or do work.

This video is a great resource for science classes. Students will enjoy the experiments and be ready to try some of their own!