U.S. Cities and States

When the kid has learned the regions of USA, now they can move to learn the US cities and states. For this the kid would need some extra time, so don’t put pressure on him and let him learn in his own time. Now for the lesson, you need to keep things simple and easy. There are 50 states the USA. Each state is then further divided into cities. So, if you know the state you can easily find the city. So now you need to prepare a worksheet of states and their cities. The kid can match each city to the state that it belongs to.

For example, Dallas is located in Texas. Dallas is famous for its cowboy hats. Los Angeles is in the state of California. New York city where you see the statue of liberty is in the state of New York. Similarly, you can make the whole worksheet which matches cities to their respective states. It would be much easier for the child to learn this way and he/she would be better able to learn the geographic regions of USA.