The 3 Branches of Government

There is a total of three branches of the government and kids are supposed to know what these branches are in detail and how they work because this is a part of the basic knowledge about a country that everyone must know.The three parts are:

• The Executive

• The Legislative

• The Judiciary

The Executive:The executive part of the government is based on the President of the country and 5000,000 workers. All the laws that are made by the Legislative branch are enforced by the President. On the other the President is elected by the citizens of the United States, the age of the President must be 18 or above.The Legislative:There are a lot of educational videos for toddlers on the internet where you can learn about the Legislative easily. The Legislative is also known as the Congress and the Congress is further divided into two parts, the Senate and the House of Representatives.The Judiciary:The 9 Justices and the Supreme court are together called the Judiciary. There are judges in this case who interpret the laws as per the Constitution.