Journey to Jamestown

Journey to Jamestown is a famous story, and it is taught to schools at preschool and kindergarten level. The tale covers the journey for kids who embark on a journey to Jamestown, and they learn more about each other on the way.

The tale discusses the stories of two kids belonging to the Jamestown settlement in Virginia in the year 1608. The story features Elias, a boy, who has traveled from England. He works with the barber-surgeon and he helps the colonists to conquer disease spreading across the world.

Also, the story also talks about Sacachocan, a Native American girl, who has the gift and ability to heal people. She crosses her path with Elias, and they both find their common grounds as healers. But, the main head of the Elias Colony betray her tribe, and it makes her hesitant to trust the colonists, which also include Elias.